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iPad Kiosk RentalsEvent Technology is a nationally recognized leader for trade show iPad kiosk rentals. Hundreds of our iPad kiosks are on display nationwide at company events and meetings. Most companies use iPad kiosks for branding and for other applications that engage audiences at trade shows. These iPad kiosks are in great demand for a variety of purposes such as product displays, catalog distribution, and customer surveys.

iPad Kiosk Rental for Events

Businesses often rent iPad kiosk for events and applications such as registration, app demonstrations and lead capture for meetings. iPad Kiosks are ideally suited for low cost applications. Being lightweight, slim and portable in nature, iPad Kiosk rentals are easy to ship for events anywhere in the world. PC based kiosk rentals on the other hand are bulky and difficult to install.

Survey Kiosk Rentals

Survey Kiosk rentals are special category of iPad kiosks that are configured with software application suitable for taking surveys at trade shows. These iPad kiosks are either mounted on a stand or are enclosed in a portable case for moving around the trade show booths. There are off the self survey software available to keep the cost down. iPad Pro Kiosk rentals are popular within this category because Apple iPad Pro offers higher resolution and bigger screen size. To rent iPad Pro call us today.

Tablet Stand Rental

iPad Kiosk RentalsChoose the most appropriate iPad Kiosk or Tablet stand based on your application. You can have your images and text messages displayed in portrait or landscape mode. Tablet Stand rentals are available with custom banners to display additional marketing material. Tablet stand can be adopted for desktops or on floor standing models. Color coordinate your  Apple Tablet Rental for the best visual effect.

Touch Screen Rental

iPad Kiosk RentalFor customers looking for larger touch screen rentals, there are several options available including Padzilla Display, 55 inch Touch kiosk, 49 inch touch Eposter and 46 inch touch table. We specialize in Touch screen rentals for events and meetings. Padzilla is like an outsize iPad with touch control and is ideal advertising medium for meeting planners.

Digital Signage Rental

Kiosk have found great acceptability for Digital Signage Rental in broadcasting and advertising industry. Digital Signage is frequently used for digital directories, product brochures and for displaying company logos at trade shows. 4K Digital displays are in great demand where high resolution is primary objective. ETR specializes in short term iPad Kiosk rentals.

 Rent iPad Kiosks by Lilitab

Lilitab kiosks are ideal for company events and trade shows. They are fully certified by Apple. ETR stocks Lilitab iPad kiosks in large volumes and can ship kiosks for immediate delivery anywhere in the nation. Lilitab kiosks are light and come packaged in shipping cases for easy handling. Lilitab kiosks are available in floor standing and tabletop models. To rent an iPad kiosk by Lilitab, please call to get a quick quote.

                                                       Apple iPad Kiosk Rentals

Event Technology specializes in Apple iPad kiosks for business applications. Our expertly trained sales team is ready to help business clients with a variety of applications. We treat all our clients individually, as we understand that no two scenarios are ever the same when it comes to iPad kiosk renting, so you can be sure that our guidance will lead to your success.

We ensure on-time delivery of all shipments. You can be confident that your equipment will arrive a day before the start of your event. We offer this 24-hour courtesy to all our customers so they receive ample time to practice with our iPad kiosks.

Tablet Kiosk Rentals Custom Services 

ETR offers tablet kiosks with custom services to our clients throughout the nation. We can customize iPad kiosks and install the iPads of your choice in the kiosks. Apple iPads can be in portrait or landscape mode depending on your application. ETR will install custom apps with iPad kiosk rentals and ensure they are ready when they arrive at the venue of your choice.

Tablet Kiosks with Wi-Fi and Charging Stations

ETR clients often rent tablet kiosks with Wi-Fi and charging stations to make events more engaging. Providing Wi-Fi and charging stations with iPad kiosks is an excellent way to keep trade show attendees around the company booth. All mobile device users at company events appreciate this service. Please ask for these services while placing an order for iPad kiosks.

Apps for Apple iPad Kiosks

There are many apps that are available for Apple iPad kiosk rentals. These apps can be classified as remote management apps, registration, bill payment, survey solutions, ticketing, and mobile apps. With these apps, you will be able to share your vision with others. Aria will install your chosen app on iPads free of charge. Please call our expertly trained sales staff at 1-866-840-1472 or simply send in a request for a quote. 

Rent iPad Kiosk Nationwide

ETR has 100% coverage nationwide and we can deliver iPad Kiosks anywhere in the nation. Whether you need few dozen Apple iPad Kiosk rental in Chicago or 100 Lilitab Kiosk rental in New York, you can be rest assured with our timely & professional service. Compare our iPad Kiosk rental cost in your city and and get the the most competitive price quote now.

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