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iPad Rentals as Productivity Tool

Apple iPad rentals are the ultimate productivity tools you can use for excellent business efficiency. With the new release of the iPad Pro and the iOS 10, you now have the ability to do more. Take multi-tasking, creating presentations and film editing to a whole new level. Professionals working in the media industry will gain an edge in analyzing data, creating content and staying on top of things. The Apple iPad can run the best office software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. To test the latest software, rent an iPad for a day or a week. We will be glad to deliver it your office. iPad rental by week is cost efficient than renting iPad for just one day.

Event Technology is a premier company specializing in iPad rentals. We have paved the way with cutting-edge applications for both Apple iPads and tablets in general. We are proud to have served top professional planners and businesses all over the US with the latest Apple iPads. ETR has also been called upon to help Forbes 500 businesses get their shows on display at corporate events and trade shows. Our company keeps a large inventory of the latest iPads and tablets in stock, ready for iPad rentals in short notice. We can also accommodate large number iPad rentals. Just call us and we will be happy to answer any and all questions you may have regarding computer & iPad rental pricing. You can also fill up our quick quote form and submit it to us for an immediate response.

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Get The Most Reliable Low Cost iPad Rentals Now

Event Technology is your go-to source for reliable and low cost iPad rentals. Big-name trade show managers and event organizers come to us when they need to rent Apple iPads quickly and at an affordable price. We take pride in our ability to assist hundreds of companies with their iPad rental needs on exhibit halls, trade shows and events spanning the whole country. ETR has 100% coverage nationwide, and we can provide iPads or tablets for both small and big enterprises alike. Our newest iPads have drawn favorable attention and crucial audience exposure to businesses. Our Apple iPad rentals can promote your business and provide a seamless experience in corporate events with speed, efficiency and reliability. Compare iPad rental cost and save now with a online quote.

iPad Rental Pricing At a Glance

iPad Pro Rentals 9.7  Retina Display 32 GB 2048 X 1536 Resolution
Rent iPad Pro for  1 day $75 ,           1 week $95
Get custom  Quote for multiple units.

Apple iPad Pro Rental 12.9 WI -Fi Retina Display 32 GB 27 32 x 2048 Resolution
Rent iPad Pro 12.9 ” for 1 day $ 110          , 1 week $150.00
Get custom 12.9″ iPad pro Quote for multiple units.

iPad Air Rentals Wi-Fi 16 GB 9.7 ” Retina Display A7 chip with 64 Bit Architecture
Rent iPad Air for 1 day $ 65          , 1 week $85
Get custom iPad Pro Air  Quote for multiple units.

Apple iPad Air Rental Gen 2  9.7  Retina Display 32 GB 2048 X 1536 Resolution
Rent ipad Air Gen 2 for 1 day $75           , 1 week $95
Get custom iPad Air 2  Quote for multiple units.

iPad Air Rentals – 4G 9.7 Retina Display 16 GB A7 Chip 64 Bit architecture
Rent iPad Air for  1 day $115          , 1 week $135.00
Get custom iPad air Quote for multiple units.

iPad 4 Rentals Wi-Fi 16 9.7 Retina Display 16 GB Dual Core A6X Chip With quad Core Graphics
Rent iPad 4 for 1 day $ 65          , 1 week $85
Get custom iPad 4 Quote for multiple units.

Apple iPad Mini Rentals Wi-Fi 7.9 Retina Display 16 Gb Dual Core A7 Chip
Rent iPad Mini for 1 day $ 65        , 1 week $ 85
Get custom iPad Mini  Quote for multiple units.

iPad Mini Rental 4G  7.9 Display 16 GB Dual Core
Rent iPad Mini 4G  for 1 day $  115         , 1 week $135
Get custom iPad MINI 4G  Quote for multiple units.

iPads Rental for Travel and Events

We understand how iPads and tablets work in corporate or promotional events. Organizations can rent Apple iPads for travel and number of other events- show exhibitions, meetings, trade shows, demos and store openings, etc. You can set up iPad kiosks to the delight of your customers. Show your customers and clients that your business is on the cutting-edge of technology by renting out our latest Apple iPads or iPad kiosks on your next trade show. For example, an iPad Air for collecting surveys and customer responses show sophistication and excellent business acumen.

Bulk iPad Rentals Expert

We can provide large number of Apple iPad rental units ready for you at a moment’s notice. Order your iPad Minis, iPad Pros, Apple iPads and tablets and enjoy your iPad rental orders in a quick turnaround period. You can customize bulk iPad rentals accordingly and pay only for what you need. Call us now and schedule large-scale Apple iPad orders. You can speak with one of our knowledgeable customer service representatives who will inform you of the rental process from start to end.

Rent Apple iPads For A Day, A Week Or A Month

Event Technology can help you when you need to rent Apple iPads per day, for weeks or for months. Your iPad rentals will be customized and ready out of the box. ETR provides 100% on-time delivery guarantee of your Apple iPads, whether your order is for a dozen Apple iPads or a hundred Apple iPad Pros. Tailor your iPad rental needs by renting out our latest iPads on a per-week basis.

About Apple iPad Rentals

Ever wonder how renting out Apple iPads work? Take a look at some interesting information on how we rent out our tablets, laptops, computers and iPads:

  • Businesses often rent the latest iPad units per day or per week for meetings or events.
  • Renting an Apple iPad cost $ 59 per day.
  • Bulk Apple iPad rentals are available throughout the United States.
  • Your Apple iPad Pro rental usually come with 24/7 on-site support.

Renting out the necessary equipment, i.e., computers, iPads, tablets, iPad Pros, laptops, tablets and iPad Airs per day is much more expensive than renting them out for the entire duration of your event or trade show. Event Technology’s experience in working with businesses on their trade shows, meetings and other events will show you how you can save more time and money. Our quotes are all transparent and they contain no hidden charges.

Apple iPad Rental With 24/7 Customer Support

Client satisfaction is what made us one of the best Apple iPad rentals in the business. Our promise to our customers is no less than the best IT rental equipment available on demand. We can provide good deals that save you more money when you order bulk with us. Show-quality iPads can mean the difference between a failed reach and an extended reach. Why choose mediocre equipment when you can show your customers that you really mean business when you rent Apple iPads? Get the best iPad rentals with 24/7 customer support with ETR. We can work with you closely to ensure that your trade shows and corporate events are a resounding success.

Rush Order Apple iPads Now

Event Technology has a huge stock of readily available Apple iPad units, including the Apple iPad Pro and the iPad Air, for shipment at a moment’s notice. Our iPads and tablets have the latest operating system installed and fully charged for immediate use. Rent our iPad Air, iPad 3 and iPad 4 featuring top-of-the-line retina screens now. Call our experts now or submit our fast quote form.

iPad Pro Tablet Rental

Business professionals who demand only the highest resolution screens and the fastest computing power can turn to our iPad Pro rentals. Apple has coined them supercomputers contained in tablet form. The iPad Pro is available on either a 12.9 or a 9.7 inch screen. The Apple iPad Pro is the direct competitor of Microsoft’s Surface Pro. Renting iPad Pros is very easy with our fast quote form. Simply fill it up, submit it and we’ll get you your iPad Pro rental price within the hour.

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