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We provide latest laptop rentals from HP, Lenova and Dell as well as Apple iPad Pro, MacBook Pro and iPad Air models. ETR specializes in high end Laptops and Notebook rentals for events, trade shows, and training sessions. To rent Laptops nationwide at the most competitive prices, get a Quick Quote now.

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Event Technology offers top-quality laptop rentals from major manufacturers like Apple, HP, Dell, and IBM. Businesses often rent laptops by day for a variety of applications, such as software training, sales meetings, trade shows, and company events. ETR prides itself in serving businesses that often need large volumes of laptops for short term rentals. Our laptops, computers, tablets and iPads are competitively priced.

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Rental Laptop Accessories

To fully utilize the power of laptop computer, ETR can provide accessories such as- Laptop chargers, External mouse, Carrying case, External Dock, Laptop lights, Cable locks and USB drives. Laptop chargers are essential so that you will not run out of  battery power during long presentation. Cable lock is an important accessory to prevent theft for laptop rentals at events where Notebooks are left unattended during the night. Make sure to order External mouse for applications requiring frequent interaction with the computer. These accessories will enhance the computing power of laptop and provide protection against damage and theft.

Laptop Rental Prices with Specification:

Whether you are renting Dell, HP, Apple, or Lenova laptops, renting laptops by a specific model serves a fundamental requirement of uniformity for the user experience. Having identical rental laptops assures that all users will see the information at the same time in a conference.

We offer the following PC and Mac laptops by HP, Apple, Dell with variety of processors including Core Duo i3, i5 and i7 for your rental needs:

PC Laptop rental Core Duo/2 Duo
cost $ 75    per day   $ 105 per week
PC Laptop Core i7 rental
cost $ 125   per day  $ 159 per week

MacBook Pro Laptop Rental  i7 LED 15.4 Retina display 1440 x 900 Resolution 4GB SDRAM
Rent MacBook Pro i7 LED  for 1 day $   150        , 1 week $ 225
Get custom I7 MacBook Pro Rental Price Quote for multiple units.

MacBook Pro Laptop Rentals i5 UniBody  15.4 Display  1440 x 900 Resolution
Rent MacBook Pro i5 Unibody  for 1 day $   140        , 1 week $195
Get custom  i5 iPad Pro Rental Price Quote for multiple units.

MacBook AIR Laptop Rentals i5 LED  13.3 Display  1440 x 900 Resolution $4 GB SDRAM
Rent MacBook AIR i5 LED   for 1 day $  140         , 1 week $ 195
Get custom MacBook Air Rental Price Quote for multiple units.

Laptop Rental Pricing is strictly for ref only and subject to change.

Notebook Rental Price Guarantee

ETR is a nationally recognized leader in Notebook & laptop rental services. We guarantee the most competitive pricing anywhere in the nation. We will beat any other offer by 10% or better upon receipt of a competitor quote. Our Notebook & laptop rental price guarantee is one way to make sure that businesses will not have to shop for pricing anymore.

Why Rent Notebooks from ETR?

ETR was founded with a vision that technology plays a very important role in our lives. Our passion is to provide top-quality laptops & Notebook rentals to business professionals who want to distinguish themselves from the competition and leverage all of the benefits offered by laptop technology. ETR specializes in high-end custom laptop applications for events, trade shows, and training sessions. To rent laptops nationwide, simply call or send in a quote request.

Short Term Laptop Rentals in Bulk?

ETR is your short term laptop rental specialist and has a huge stock of laptops, ready for the same day delivery. If you need hundreds of laptops for your company event, please contact one of our laptop specialists at 1-866-840-1472 or simply send in the quote request. Our sales team will help you select the best laptop from top manufacturers like HP, Dell, IBM, and Apple.

Laptop Rental Cost & More

Here are some interesting facts about Notebook &  laptop rental cost and how businesses rent laptops, tablets, Apple iPads, and computers. Also what to expect while working with technology rental partners:

  • Businesses often rent Notebooks by the day or week for meetings and events.
  • High end Laptop rentals cost approximately $195 per day including delivery.
  • HP Laptop rentals are available at lowest rates in most US cities for bulk laptop rentals.
  • Surface Pro Laptop Rentals are usually requires 24/7 onsite support.

Renting MacBook Pro Air, tabletsSurface Pro, computers, laptops and iPads by the day for trade shows or company events usually ends up costing a lot more than getting them for the show’s entire duration. Our expertise with events and user conferences will save you time and money, as it is the total cost that matters, not just the cost to rent Mac Book Pro, iPads and computers. Our quotes are transparent and contain no hidden fees.

Renting Note Books for Businesses Only

ETR exclusively serves businesses for their short-term notebook rentals and technology needs such as corporate meetings, training sessions, and other company events. We seamlessly coordinate with meeting planners and trade show managers to make sure that renting laptops is a simple and hassle-free experience. Over the years, we have provided laptops and notebooks to hundreds of small and large businesses. We do not rent laptops for personal use to individuals.

Rent a Laptop to Test

ETR has learned from years of experience that one way businesses can make sure laptops and notebooks will work flawlessly for their meetings is to rent a laptop to test. ETR is happy to provide, free of charge, a fully configured laptop with software for clients to test and then image that unit for the event.

Gaming Laptop Rentals

Gaming laptop rentals have gained popularity with gaming enthusiast and are particularly in great demand for networked games. These are very high end laptops with special graphics and very high resolution screens. Event Technology rentals specializes in custom laptops for gaming. We will configure laptops with additional memory to support multiple players. To rent gaming laptops, contact our dedicated sales team or send in a quote request.

Rent Laptops and Notebooks Nationwide by Model

For the sake of uniformity, rental notebook laptops must be of the same make and model for a particular project. It is desirable for training and user experience that participants in an event are using the same laptop as the instructor. Renting laptops by model will reduce confusion caused by mix and match models. Check out our custom laptop and iPad rentals in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, Las Vegas, and other cities.

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