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What You Can Do To Minimize IT Hacking

Laptop RentalsIt doesn’t matter what kind of computer system you own or rent, whether it is a desktop PC, iPad or laptop rental, securing your system is very important to prevent hacking. Once a hacker gains access to your system, he or she can do a lot of damage from spying on you. While it is true that no system is 100% secure, but it doesn’t mean you can skip at making your system more secure. If you want to know more about how you can minimize IT hacking, then you have come to the right places as this article is going to discuss the subject.
Update Regularly
Most people see “updating” as a nuisance. However, there is a reason why updates are released, and one of these is to increase your protection from hackers. Hackers are always trying to “crack the safe”, and from time to time, they succeed. Whenever your system or browser provider detects the breach, they will “patch” the flaw to make it secure again. Therefore, it is important that you update your operating system or browser regularly. In fact, update all your software or apps as well.
Enable Firewall
Most systems have a firewall and this firewall serves to protect you from hackers by blocking or limiting access to your system. Most people turn off their firewalls as it can cause compatibility issues. However, this is not recommended and you can personalize the firewall instead. By personalizing your firewall, you will have the protection you need and minimizing any application compatibility issues.
Securing Your Password
First, learn how to create a strong password. Avoid passwords that are easy to guess like your birthdays or hometowns. Also, incorporate special characters and lower and upper class letters. Second, change your password regularly. If you find this to be a hassle, you can use an app to store all your passwords in one place and the software will log in to your accounts for you safely and securely.
Antivirus Protection
Many computers come with a pre-installed anti-virus, but most mobile devices are not. It is highly advisable that you download an anti-virus for your mobile device and/or system to protect it from viruses. A system that is plagued with viruses is more susceptible to IT hacking. Fortunately, there are great free anti-virus programs that you can download to your system and mobile devices. Also, its best that you turn on the anti-virus’ auto updates feature for a more secure system.
Anti-Spyware Protection
These days, you need to protect your system not only from viruses, but also from spyware. Although spyware are not as damaging compared to viruses, but they can be used by hackers to gain information about you and your system, which in turn can help them hack your system. Furthermore, spyware can do all sorts of nasty things to your system like slowing it down or opening holes for hackers to gain access. Therefore, protect yourself and install an anti-spyware software.
Delete Suspicious Emails
Whenever you are checking your email, be vigilant for any kind of suspicious emails. In fact, if an email seems suspicious enough, delete it immediately and don’t even open it. Hackers can gain entry to your system through emails. Also, most anti-virus and anti-malware software will block out known email threats, so be sure that your online protection software is on.
Delete Unused Applications
There are instances that applications that are distributed freely on the net come with a seemingly harmless code. However, when this code is activated, it opens a door for hackers to come in and wreak havoc. To fully protect your system from such kind of invasions, be sure to delete or remove any applications that you are not using. Also, you will free up some resources for your system as a bonus.
Physical Security
This advice might be too much for the average user, but if you have sensitive information that you want to keep safe and secure, software can only do so much. What this article means that hackers can gain entry to your system by physically accessing your system. Therefore, invest in good old real-life protection systems.
The last thing you want is a hacker that is hacking your IT systems and causing all kinds of mess. So whether you have a desktop computer, iPad rental or laptop rental, make sure that you are doing what you can to increase your security like updating regularly, enabling firewalls, good password practices, installing antivirus and anti spyware, deleting suspicious emails, deleting unused applications and keeping your physical storage secure.

Mobile Devices and the Trade Show Rental Providers

Laptop RentalsThe advent of technology makes the lives of people easier and convenient. Some of the well-known Mobile devices today that are product of technological evolution are iPad, Laptops, iPhone and Tablets. When it comes to businesses and tradeshow related matters in US  cities such as in New York, Atlanta and Orlando, these gadgets plays an important role for people. This applies to tradeshows and business meetings.

Benefits of  iPad, Laptop and Tablets for Trade Show

There are many benefits included when incorporating mobile devices in tradeshows. For example, using an iPad or laptop will help make the showcasing easier and convenient for the people. They can also use these gadgets to take pictures and share them to their friends that are not present at the tradeshow event. For businesses planning to make a tradeshow, there are many computer rentals and trade show rentals providers available in the US. Most of these providers offer iPad rentals , iPhone rental and Laptop rentals services for businesses. In order to have a successful tradeshow event, incorporating these gadgets will increase the chance of convincing the people to buy or promote your tradeshow products to others.

How iPad Rental Works

Usually, these trade show rental providers are working with event planners to incorporate the gadgets to the setup of the place. You can rent iPad depending to the numbers of people that will attend the trade show event. Most of the providers of iPad rentals have hundreds or thousands of stocks so they can meet the number of people who will attend the event. You simply need to provide  how many people you expect to attend your tradeshow and what applications you might need.

Finding the Ideal Provider in the US

Firstly, you need to determine the gadgets you need for your tradeshow or business meeting agenda. Most tradeshows use iPad while businesses meetings prefer to use Laptops. Once you have determine the gadgets you need, you can simply go online and search for iPad rental and Laptop rentals provider in your local state. The easiest way of finding an ideal provider of trade show rentals gadget is to check their website. This way, you can determine if they are servicing your local area in the US. You can also check online reviews and local online directories that have a list of iPad and Laptop rental companies or providers. If the provider offers services in your local states, then you have found a prospective provider for your trade show rentals need. The last thing you need to do is to check customer’s testimonial or reviews of the prospective company before you finally decide to acquire their service. This will ensure that you only choose the right provider that matches your preferences. If you want to enhance the experience of your visitors to your tradeshow event or you simply want to make it a classy and high-tech experience for them, you can acquire the services of companies providing iPad rental, Laptop rental, iPhone rentals as well as Computer rentals. Event Technology is a trusted name among Trade Show Rental Providers for Apple iPads, Laptops, Tablets and Computers. Contact ETR for additional information for CES tradeshow in Vegas.

What To Expect At CES Show In Vegas

Las VegasLas Vegas has long been the epicenter of business innovation. It is home to some of the world’s top trade shows and the stomping grounds of true marketing geniuses. If your company or products are on the cutting edge of innovation, then you have to know what to expect at CES show in Vegas. The year 2015 promises to bring in a number of wonderful inventions that are designed to increase efficiency, improve safety and provide consumers and companies with an optimal amount of convenience. This is the ideal opportunity for you to build buzz, generate interest, network with colleagues and even secure financing for your business ventures. Whether you are hoping to sell products or want to attract ground-floor investors, the CES show in Las Vegas is the place to be.

Exhibition Opportunities

Opportunities to exhibit products abound at this major and world-recognized event. Those who advance book their exhibition slots for the 2015 program will have the ability to present alongside CES Innovation Award Nominees. There will also be extensive promotion prior to the main show, including a CES Unveiled Las Vegas official media event that is open to members of the press and only.

Creating Your Display

Once you register to exhibit at this event, you will be given four passes for yourself and select members of your team. You will additionally receive a six-foot, draped table for your exhibition along with an image of your product and a 150-word product description that will printed in the program for the CES Unveiled media event. Beyond these things, however, you will have to make sure that you have adequate presentation tools and resources of your own for capturing and retaining the attention of your audience.

Getting Ready For The CES Show

Showing off your product will not be enough to truly capitalize on this amazing opportunity to gain more interest in what you have to offer. The best and most seasoned presenters will have access to the top technical tools. They will also go above and beyond in their efforts to step away from outdated and overused presentation materials. Having a well-prepared and seamless presentation plan is the surest way to get the most from your investment of money and time when attending. This is why it is important to work with a reputable company that specializes in Las Vegas iPad rentals and trade show computer rentals. This is the easiest and most cost-effective way to arm yourself with all of the best and most necessary resources for this occasion.

Giving Your Audience Impressive Visuals

You can stock your exhibition table with a number of iPad or laptop rentals that allow interested parties to take in-depth tours of your business plan, product development process and product benefits. This will give potential buyers and investors a better understanding of the true value of your goods. These tools can additionally be incorporated into the actual presentation process, so that you can provide high-quality visuals, a breakdown of complex terminology and a clear and cohesive summary of overall product benefits while you’re up on stage. In this day and age, it is not enough to have something worthwhile to sell. You also have to have the best marketing methods and resources on hand. If you want to know what to expect at CES show in Vegas, you can count on the top innovators in the world to bring their best and to come prepared to impress their audiences with truly captivating oral and visual presentations. Now is the time to start getting ready. Contact us today to learn more about the iPads, tablets and other trade show laptop rentals for CES show in Vegas..

Why You Do Not Need Apple iPhone Six Plus

Apple iPhone 5S RentalsApple iPhone six plus is a stark departure from what Apple always emphasized upon, which is a creating phones that are easy to hold and operate with one hand. The market trend of larger sized handsets and android dominance in that space forced Apple to change its mind. Apple has been a leader in technological innovation, but with the latest iteration of iPhones, Apple seems to be catching up with the competition rather than setting up benchmarks for others to follow.

However, what Apple continues to maintain is the impeccable hardware quality and seamless software experience along with the premium positioning in the minds of the people. Die-hard Apple fans will be willing to offer several reasons to upgrade to the latest iPhone 6 plus, however, we decided to play the devil’s advocate to give you 5 good reasons to not upgrade to iPhone 6 plus.

Specifications Way Behind Competition

None of the iPhone 6 plus features is exciting or trendsetting. In fact, Apple seems to be playing catch-up. While most high-end phones are moving to QHD resolution, iPhone 6 plus with 1080p resolution is nothing exciting. A pixel density of 401 is not bad, but there are many phones in the market that offer much better screens at a much lower price. With bigger screen, Apple should have gone ahead with a QHD screen to maintain better pixel density. The processing capabilities of iPhone 6 plus are more than sufficient for the optimized software it offers, but it doesn’t set any benchmark in terms of its processing prowess. The 1.4 GHz dual-core CPU just doesn’t have the kind of punch some of the android phones are carrying and this difference will show in more CPU intensive future apps.

Also, the fact that iPhone 6 plus only comes with a 1GB RAM, hardware bottlenecks will be evident sooner than later as far as demanding apps will be concerned. The hardware also lacks Cat 6 LTE support when it comes to wireless data speed. With Cat 4, iPhone 6 plus can only achieve 150 Mbps speed as compared to 300 Mbps by some of the android flagship models.

Too Big for Comfort

iPhone 6 plus is too big for comfort as far as smartphones go. 5.5-inch screen real estate is probably over stretch for an existing Apple user who is used to screen size closer to 4-inches. With iPhone 6 plus size, Apple is almost entering the territory of iPads in terms of screen size. Rather than buying an expensive iPhone 6 plus, users may feel like buying an iPad or renting an iPad instead.


iPhones have always been expensive and iPhone 6 plus now becomes the most expensive iPhone ever to be launched by Apple till date. iPhone 6 plus comes with a price tag of $299 with contract for 16GB version and costs a whopping $499 for 128GB version with contract. Without contract, the iPhone 6 plus is priced between $749 and $949 for different storage options. iPhone 6 plus is not only expensive, it doesn’t even offer the class leading hardware for that price. This clearly makes it anything but a value for money proposition.

Considering the kind of purchase price these phones have, enthusiasts who want to explore the phone for some time would be better off with trying out iPhone rentals option as well. Just like iPad rentals, iPhone rentals make sense for these expensive models when you want to explore a product before buying or when your upgrade cycle is too frequent when it comes to phones. Camera The camera of iPhone 6 plus is good, but it doesn’t really add any excitement in terms of features that other flagship phones are providing. Optical image stabilization is being introduced in iPhone 6 plus, which however is being offered by several other competitors at much lower price. The secondary camera or the front facing camera is also underwhelming at 1.2 MP, which is a shame considering all android flagship models have provided excellent cameras for selfie lovers.

Lack of Standout Features

Apple failed to deliver any significant feature that is already not existent in android phones. Something like NFC has been around for ages and for iPhone 6 plus to highlight that as a hot feature is not helping the matters. Some of the android flagship phones are featuring innovations such as waterproof and dust proof design, which are absent in iPhone 6 plus.

For all Apple fans, iPhone 6 plus is an alternate if you always dreamt of a phablet with an iOS platform. However, given the price of iPhone 6 plus and lack of innovations, it is much better to look elsewhere. In fact, if someone wants to stick to iOS ecosystem, upgrading to iPhone 6 may make more sense as it offers better value for money and iPhone 6 plus.

Laptop Rentals – Be Unique and Interactive

Apple Mac Book AirYou are on the verge of having the presentation of your life. However, you just figured out that your laptop has too many scratches or that you don’t have Office 2007 or 2010 installed on it. This is where laptop rentals could really come in handy, allowing you to turn a boring presentation into an interactive and fun one, while using all the features and capabilities of a performance laptop. Nothing can compare to the reliability and features offered by a Dell Latitude, HP Probook, Lenovo B590 or Apple PowerBook Pro Laptop.

Why do you Need a Laptop?

Business events are an integral part of any company’s marketing policy. From large events and trade shows to training sessions and marketing presentations, laptops are critical for any business. Laptop rentals offer a perfect solution for these short term needs. Besides, when renting a top-quality laptop computer, you can create a favorable impression on all the participants to the event. On the other hand, if you go with a 5-years old laptop with Windows XP and Office 2003, you will hardly make an impression. It is a proven fact that laptop rentals have revolutionized the way most business professionals do their work.

Renting a good laptop is all about convenience and interactivity. This is a much more affordable option than buying your own laptop. Laptop rental services are not only designed for business professionals, but also for students who need to offer the presentation of their life and for people who have an important interview and want to look fancy when presenting their resume.

Renting a laptop, an iPad or an iPhone takes less than a few minutes from vendors offering event technology rentals. You can find a wide variety of laptops at extremely affordable prices. Deliveries for laptops is available all across the United States. Event technology rental vendors have an extended network of connections that ensure timely delivery of the equipment. Hence, you can get the peace of mind that your trade show laptop rentals are under way, while you prepare for a one-in-a-lifetime event.

Benefits of Renting Laptops

Renting is considered a much cost effective alternative to buying a new laptop. Some places and situations where laptop rentals could come in handy are:

– Business travel: you can rent a laptop while on board to get the convenience of working on an airplane and prepare for the upcoming trade show event.

– Exhibitions and trade shows: what better method to display your services and products than by using the best display technology and best laptop available today? You should also rent a large flat panel display in order to set you apart from your competition.

– Training: if your company has just upgraded an internal software system or you have launched a new product, a rented laptop can help you provide training to your employees.

– Sales: you are planning to start a 3-months marketing & sales campaign. If you do not have the best laptops and projectors, your whole demonstration could end up being a complete failure.

The Bottom Line

Laptop rental is getting increasingly popular in the business environment. Capitalize on the benefits of renting a new laptop . To learn more visit

Rent iPad Kiosks for Business Event Success

Rent iPad Kiosks for Business Event Success


iPad Kiosk RentalsNeed Kiosks for an event? Then be sure to take a look at our Apple iPad Kiosk rentals that are available to our clients anywhere in the US. Whether you will need them for trade shows, business expositions, sales demonstrations or other business initiatives, we can provide you with quality rental iPad Kiosks that can assist in data collection, event registration, conducting surveys, performing signage, and much more.

A welcome center is another crucial area to designate when you rent iPad Kiosks for your business expo. Our clients can use them effectively for taking attendance, live polling the audience for customer feedback and displaying promotional video and information to help convince potential clients to choose your product or service.

Our iPad Kiosk rentals come with built-in keyboards, speakers, microphones, touch-screens and are have a non-intrusive body, which makes travel, set-up and tear-down much easier. Whether you will be giving a speech and will need a reference point or if you will be gathering customer feedback from a sales demonstration you have just performed, you can trust that our rental Apple iPad Kiosks come with all the features you need for success.

Give us a call 1-866-840-1472 to speak with a customer care rep to learn more, email us at or fill out a quick quote to reserve yours today!

Trade Show a Success with Rental iPads


Trade Show a Success with Rental iPads

Rental iPadsJust last month, my company was responsible for hosting a trade show that required 200 iPad rentals for the event itself plus break-out rooms. At first I panicked. Where the heck was I going to rent 200 iPads and what scared me even more, how much was this going to cost? I had no idea how to go about renting iPads so I knew I had to turn my attention to the Internet. I then ran a search for “rent ipads” on Google and lo and behold, a bunch of sites popped up from my search query.

I just happened about Rent iPads, Inc by random chance, gave the customer service number a call and Voila! The rental director assisted in telling me all about the 3G and Wi-Fi compatibility, my choice of 16, 32 or 64GB iPads for rent, recommended renting a couple of extra ones as backups just in case there are extra attendees at the event. Overall, I was treated well and the order was processed in an efficient manner.

The rental iPads arrived a day earlier than expected, our company set-up the event and made sure all things were going well so by the time the day of the event began, we were confident it was going to be a success. And thanks to Rent iPads Corporation, it was!

I highly recommend this company to everyone out there to properly outfit your trade show or other corporate occasion with quality iPad rentals that will ensure your event will be a success. Get quote for next event.

Rental iPads Made the Creative Writing Workshop a Huge Success!

Rent iPads, Inc provided a truly interactive experience with the students this past weekend! Being a writer that prefers good ol’ fashion pen and paper, the last thing on my mind were iPad rentals to conduct my fiction workshop. To my surprise, the iPad rentals I requested turn out much better than I expected. Though I doubted at first, a colleague of mine recommend I should give them a try and “go green,” so I figured I give them a try, and get him to leave me alone.

I received the 15 iPad rentals on Thursday during the day, so I had time to practice with them all to make sure they worked and I knew how to work them. To my amazement, they have an intuitive interface that allows for a near perfect replication of a word processing experience as one could expect on a PC or Mac. And since no paper was being used, I was able to email the students the writing prompt, and within an hour of writing away on their iPad rentals, I had them each email their partner and make the necessary edits to the process. All in the name of saving trees!

Though it took a bit of getting used to, the choice to rent Apple iPads allowed for more efficiency, a better quality editing/feedback experience, and the ability to jump from different topics without creating too much of hassle. Overall, the students created some excellent fiction on those rental iPads, and I must say, it would not have happened without the assistance from Rent iPads Corp. Thanks again!