FAQ About Laptop Rental

 FAQ About Laptop Rental

Even though renting laptops is a simple and the Technology rental industry has entered into its senior years, there remains plenty of FAQ About Laptop Rental. We would like to share the following information regarding frequently asked questions about Laptop rentals. The objective here is to educate our customers in order to make laptop rentals a great experience.

FAQ About Laptop Rental 


Q. Can you Rent Laptops?

Can you rent laptops and how much does it cost to rent laptops are two of the most often asked questions from businesses and college students. Yes, businesses and meeting planners can rent laptops for computer training, events,  sales demonstration and for any other application. Short term laptop rental by day or week is most productive in conserving capital expense.

Q. Do You Rent Laptops for Personal Use?

Sorry, we are strictly business to business Laptop Computer Rental company and do not rent to individuals for personal use.

Q. How Much does it Cost to Rent Laptop?

Laptop computer rental cost varies from $50 to $195 per day depending upon Laptop specifications. Renting Laptops by day usually cost lot more than weekly and monthly rentals. The most effective way to minimize the Laptop Rental Cost is to order well in advance and ask the Computer Rental Company to include the shipping. And don’t forget to ask  for volume discounts when renting multiple laptops.

Q. Where Can I Rent Laptops?

Laptop Rentals are available in all major cities and there are plenty of vendors supporting the Laptop and Notebook rental service. However the best place to rent the laptops is online. You can get rental laptops delivered to venue of your choice with or without installation service. Most laptop computer rental companies, rents to businesses only and do not rent for personal use.

Q. Which is the Best Laptop to Rent?

We have highly trained Laptop Rentals Experts on the staff to help you choose the best Laptop for your application and the budget. Please Call or simply send in a quote request and we will be happy to respond quickly.

Q. Do You Cross Rent Laptops to Other Computer Rental Companies?

Event Technology Rentals is #1 provider of Laptops, Tablets and Computers in the Nation and we do rent to other Computer rental services for events.

Q. Can You Provide Same Day Laptop Rentals?

Same Day Laptop Rentals are available only for pick up at our offices. However, for our existing Ariaav.com clients we make exception and can ship the laptops on same day if ordered by 9 AM.

Q. Do you Provide Onsite Tech Support?

Technical support is an essential part of our Laptop rental services. We provide onsite and offsite technical assistance in setting up laptops at your location to make sure that laptops perform to your satisfaction. Onsite technical support must be ordered at the time of placing Laptop rental orders.

Q. Which Operating System Rental Laptops Have?

Apple Rental Laptops have latest iOS and others will have current Windows Operating System. Some older model of laptops may have dated operating system. All laptops are thoroughly tested to make sure operating system is compatible with clients software applications.

Q. Can You Install Custom Software?

Yes – we are proud to install custom software Applications of your choice prior to shipping or delivering. All rental laptops will have exactly the same software configuration and ready for use when you get it. Many companies who rent Laptop computers from us for conferences, trade shows, product demos, app development and events usually have couple of Software applications installed for presentation.

Q. Do Rental Laptops Have Wireless Connectivity?

All rental Laptops have wireless connectivity and are capable of connecting to Wi-Fi. However, if you are planning to surf, it is advisable to make sure you have strong Wi-FI signal available at the location.

Q. Can I Rent Laptops for a Day?

Most of our clients rent Laptops & computing devices for week or two weeks but one day laptop rentals are available nationwide. It may be cheaper to rent Laptops by the day but late charges could result in extra expenses if devices are not returned in time. If you are thinking to rent laptops for more than 2 weeks, you will be charged the affordable monthly rate.

Q. How is Laptop Rental Period Decided?

The rental period starts on the day laptops are shipped to your location and ends when we receive the equipment back at our office. However, there are exceptions for large orders where few free extra days are allowed for shipping. Please contact our sales and make sure this facility is extended to you for bulk Laptop rental orders.

Q. Do you offer Insurance Against Lost or Damaged Laptops?

Yes. We do offer insurance coverage for rental Laptops against theft and damages. This coverage is available at a nominal cost but such coverage must be initiated at the time order is placed. For terms and conditions, please contact our Laptop rental specialist

Q. Is My Data Secure on Rental Laptops?

We, at Event Technology Rentals take data security and privacy issues very seriously. All our rental laptops are scrubbed clean with factory reset software to make sure all customer data is wiped clean upon rental returns. Every single unit is inspected individually to make sure that no customer data is accessible after reset.

Q. How is Rental Laptop Order Delivered?

Most of our laptop rental orders are shipped via UPS or FED Ex. For clients needing setup services, laptops will be delivered by technicians.

Q. What If I Need Help  with Rental Laptops at my Location?

ETR is a full-service organization with trained technicians to help you 24/7. We can diagnose the problem promptly and suggest possible solutions. We also provide spare laptops with bulk orders for replacement in the field. When you rent laptops from us, you can depend upon our excellent online support.

FAQ About Laptop Rental & Other Related Technology Rental Items

FAQ About Laptop Rental

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