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Virtual Reality Rental Headsets

Event Technology specializes in latest Virtual Reality Rental for meeting planners, trade shows and business events. Our extensive inventory of  Virtual Realty headset rentals includes Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and HTC Vive as well as HTC Vive Audio. These head sets are available with or without smart phones. With our vast knowledge of VR world, we can help you select the best Virtual Realty Rental Equipment for any event. Whether you are planning to use VR for boosting event attendance, increasing brand awareness and/or generating leads, our VR experts can provide you the VR rental gear you need.

We also rent iPhones, gaming Laptops, Android mobile devices and Computers to complement virtual reality products and services. Checkout our latest 2020 VR products and computer Technology trends in the event industry.

Samsung Gear RentalVirtual Reality Rental

Rent Samsung Gear with S8 Smartphone from the most trusted and experienced VR company in the nation. The Samsung Gear VR is the best portable virtual reality headset for events and meetings. The Gear VR rental enables you to bring your imagination into reality, and take you to places you’ve never been before. Additionally, with the Samsung Gear VR, you can take your gaming experience to the next level, as the Gear VR puts you right in the action.

You are guaranteed to see your imagination becoming a reality with the  new Samsung Gear VR rental headsets. Whether you are watching scenes from some of your favorite movies, TV shows and games, Samsung Gear VR is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable experience. ETR is here to help you rent Samsung Gear VR, and we look forward to hearing more about your next event.

Gear VR Headset (2017 model), 1 Controller, & Samsung S8 Smartphone
Super AMOLED Display
101 Degree View of Field

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Oculus Rift VR Rental

Rent Oculus Rift VR for most immersive real life like experience with games at events. The Oculus Rift is a light weight head set equipped with high definition VR lens that allow wide field of view. Lens Resolution of 2160 X  1200 can provide high density images in great detail. The head set is also equipped with Touch controllers that provides the best virtual reality experience. It can effortlessly track movement and position of a moving hand to let the game players experience the power of VR world.

With an extensive library of games, Rift in collaboration with Facebook is at the top of the VR market. To take your event to next level, you can rent Oculus VR head set complete with controllers, Gaming Laptops and a Smart phones. Give us a call, our VR technician are on standby to help you select the best VR head set at most affordable rates. A typical Oculus VR rental setup includes the following.

Headset, 2 Controllers, 2 Base Stations
2160 x 1200 Resolution
110 Degree View of Field

Oculus Go Rental

Oculus GO is completely portable Virtual reality headset that is not tied to laptop computers with cables. Event participants are free to move around the room and experience the immersive virtual reality while playing games of their choice. Much like the Rift, the Oculus Go allows you to explore virtual environments through 360˚ video, VR games, and has now even introduced new social apps to connect with others while you experience VR.

Virtual Reality Rental Oculus Go incorporates a high-resolution 2560 x 1440 screen that assures your VR experience is always crystal-clear. It is all about comfort and wireless mobility, making it a perfect event activation. Offering a combination of what you find in standalone headsets and what you’ve come to expect from Room-Scale VR systems, the Oculus Go presents an impressive, flexible VR guest experience. You can rent Oculus Go by day for any of the following events.

Fund Raising Event for Nonprofit Organizations
Conferences and Trade shows
Film Festivals
Community Events
Product Demos
Music Festivals & much more

HTC Vive Rental

The HTC Vive is a user-friendly and high tech VR headset available in the Virtual Reality Rental market place. With the HTC  Vive Head set, you can explore completely immersive virtual environments including an impressive array of VR games. The HTC Vive is great for taking your event to next level. It has always focused on not only incorporating top-notch technology, but also making the headset comfortable for the user. This level of comfort is achieved through an extremely lightweight design.
To rent HTC Vive VR bundle complete with controllers and Base station, call our Virtual reality rental expert at 866-840-1472 or get a online quote now.

Headset, 2 Controllers, 2 Base Stations
2160 x 1200 Resolution
110 Degree View of Field

Why Rent Virtual Reality Equipment from ETR

Client satisfaction is what made us one of the best Virtual Reality rental provider in the business. Our promise to our customers is no less than the best VR rental equipment available on demand. We can provide good deals that save you more money when you order with us. Show-quality VR Headset rental can mean the difference between a failed reach and an extended reach. Why choose mediocre equipment when you can show your customers that you really mean business when you rent VR. Get the best Virtual Reality experience with 24/7 customer support from ETR & Aria. We can work with you closely to ensure that your trade shows and corporate events are a resounding success.

Virtual Reality Headset Rental Cost

Event Technology is your go-to source for reliable and low cost Virtual Reality rentals. Big-name trade show managers and event organizers come to us when they need to rent Virtual Realty Gear quickly and at an affordable price. We take pride in our ability to offer wholesale Virtual Reality Head Set rental at discounted  prices. Our quotes are transparent and there are no hidden charges. We will meet your beat any competitors price by 10% or more. Special discounts are available for Multiple VR units for Non Profit organizations. Here are some sample pricing for most popular items:

Rent Samsung  Gear VR Headset (2017 model), 1 Controller Super AMOLED Display for  1 day $95 , 1 week $ 150
Oculus Rift VR Headset Rental 2 Controllers, 2 Base Stations 2160 x 1200 Resolution for 1 day $ 85, 1 week $ 145
Rent HTC Vive VR Headset 16 GB Headset, 2 Controllers, 2 Base Stations 2160 x 1200 Resolution for 1 day $ 80, 1 week $ 140

Rent Virtual Reality System with Gaming Laptop Computer

Event Technology Rental is your #1 supplier of complete Virtual reality system experience. We offer virtual Reality Head set rentals with smartphones, Gaming laptop computers and audio unit as a system. We are full service VR vendor with extensive experience in setting up the entire VR event any where in US and Canada. You can rent Gaming Laptops with software for your VR events. Renting  ACER PREDATOR HELIOS 300 GAMING LAPTOP computer with following specs is as easy as 1,2,3 with our online ordering quote form.

Intel Core i7 7700HQ 2.8GHz
15.6″ HD Display 1920 x 1080
Nvidia 1060 GTX 6GB Graphics

Rent Virtual Reality Equipment by Day, Week Or A Month

Event Technology has flexible VR rental plans best suited for your events. You can rent Virtual Reality equipment by day, week or for months. Your VR rentals will be customized and ready out of the box. ETR provides 100% on-time delivery guarantee of your VR Gear, whether your order is for few Samsung Gear or a hundred Oculus Rift rental. Renting VR Gear by the week is the most cost effective for trade shows. Give us a call and we help you select the best VR st most affordable rates.

Virtual Reality Rental Accessories

Accessories make virtual reality moments all the more immersive. For virtual reality enthusiast, Accessories will take your experience to higher level. Virtual reality is not only a visual experience — but can also be physical through sensations you can feel as you play and move in a virtual world. Fun is always better when there is more to see, feel, and do — and these VR accessories are designed to enhance the time you’re in VR, making them more immersive. Contact our VR rental specialist to rent Virtual realty accessories such as Samsung VR controller, HTC Vive tracker, Smart phones and Hyper blaster.

Rent Virtual Realty Headsets Nationwide

Virtual Reality RentalETR has 100% coverage nationwide and we can deliver and setup rental VR Headsets anywhere in the nation. Whether you need few dozen Samsung Gear VR in Chicago or 100 Oculus Rift rental in New York, you can be rest assured with our timely & professional service. Compare our VR rental cost in your city and and get the the most competitive price quote now.

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