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Conference Computer Rental & Gaming PC Trends

Conference Computer Rental

When it comes to Conference Computer Rental and technology trends in the event industry, there is no doubt that Gaming PC, Laptops, Computers, Digital displays and AV equipment have taken the center stage. Attendees have come to expect nothing less, and in turn, meeting planners need to be able to employ all of the latest technology trends available. Event Technology rentals offers some of the most innovate solutions in existence to benefit the typical conference. Whether you are planning to hold a conference for 50 or 500 attendees, we can provide and setup Projectors, Video walls, iPads, Digital kiosks, WiFi, Tablets, iPhones and much more.

As conference equipment rental experts, we are laser focused with one and only one mission. To provide Businesses, Exhibitors, Exhibit Houses and meeting planners with technology resources, management skills and knowledge to successfully implement events anywhere in the United States and Canada. We are pioneers in providing Conference Technology solutions and understand the importance of incorporating the latest Event Technology Trends.

Conference Computer Rental

Our time proven three part system along with many years of experience delivers the most dazzling and affordable event performance for meetings or conventions. What differentiates us from the competition is that we provide a complete All-in-One Technology Package. We offer cutting edge Technologies, logistics, setup and onsite services for your event. To optimize the attendee experience, we also offer extensive selections of  LED Video Walls, Touch Screens, HD Monitors, Projectors, Audio Visuals and many Mobile devices.

 Rent Laptops for Conferences

Display Laptop Computer Rental

Best Laptops for conferences must be lighter, portable and offer ease of networking with built in WiFi. Exhibitors understand that they won’t get a second chance to make a first impression might be tempted to make a couple of stylish iPad Pro laptops as the focal point of their conference. Traditionally, aligning the brand of your business with the latest laptop technologies was incredibly expensive and hard to justify. But, renting computers  and laptops on demand, it removes as many problems as it solves.

Event Technology provides top-quality Conference laptop rentals for gaming and graphics applications. Conference planners often rent laptops by day for a variety of applications, such as software training and company events. ETR prides itself in serving event organizers that often require large volumes (1000 s) of laptops for short term rentals. Our laptops, computers, tablets and iPads are competitively priced. According to  Ariaav, renting Apple laptops offers latest technology for low budget conferences.

Furthermore, Conference rental laptops are available in a wide range of screen sizes, operating systems and storage capabilities. To rent Apple iPad Pro and  MS Surface Laptops, call us today or get a quick quote now.

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Gaming PC

Conference managers prefer to rent Gaming PC because it is easily up-gradable and has room to pack some serious power. Gaming PC can perform all of the tasks that a standard home computer can do, it is far more powerful in order to handle graphics intensive games. And most gaming PCs have dedicated video graphics cards to deliver smoother frame rates with far less graphical lag.

Furthermore, Gaming desktops are designed to process data extremely fast, which means you can expect to find a high-end processor in any gaming computer.  To rent a Gaming PC, call us or get a free quote now.

Best Projector Rentals for Conferences

Projector conference technology is the natural ally of immersive experiences that resonate with the needs of the audience by providing useful visual content and engagement. Whether you need to rent a projector or one dozen LCD projectors, you can rely on our expertise to provide the best AV solution for your next conference. Our 5K Lumen projector rentals make presenting easy and effective at conferences of all sizes.

Display Computer rental

Furthermore, you can rent best projectors anywhere in the nation with confidence. We deliver and set up projectors in all major convention centers and exhibit halls. Whether you are renting a projector in Chicago at McCormick Place or at a trade show at Javit convention hall in New York, you will always get the highest quality projector. Meeting Planners and marketing professionals in Las Vegas often rent commercial grade projectors for large audiences attending annual CES convention. Our Projectors and computer rentals will always exceed your expectations

To rent laser projectors and take advantage of special pricing, call us at 866-840-1472 or simply fill in an online quote form. We guarantee the best value for your next event rental along with 24/7 tech support.

 Digital Kiosk Rental for Conference Registration

Digital Kiosks are very useful interactive tool for attracting and capturing audience attention at conferences and corporate events. Businesses often rent them for interactive maps, self service registration, presentations and product launch applications. Our Kiosk Rental service can deliver and setup iPad Kiosk rentals anywhere in the nation including Las Vegas, Chicago and More.


Interactive Digital Tablet can help conference planners in presenting the digital content in its best form to increase customer participation. The easy to use interface is incredibly simple, just like Apple Tablet but much larger in size. If you are looking to increase your traffic flow at upcoming conference, we can help you with just the latest Touch Table Rental technology. Rent 46 inch touch Screen table with integrated multi touch, 3D presentation and wireless display. For renting conference computer rental with branding options, please contact us Today.

LED Video Wall Rentals for Conferences

Video walls have become integral component of conferences both in terms of customer interaction and internal procedures. In addition to impressively filling lobby spaces with targeted marketing content, there are lots of other creative uses for this technology. LED Video Walls can support your conference goals in a variety of ways and attendee education is certainly one of them. Besides cutting down on physical handouts, video walls can be updated in real time, simultaneously display different information across multiple screens, and provide touchscreen options for presenters. They can also be used alongside video chat technology, allowing event moderators to control the video wall remotely.

Choose ETR as most trusted and experienced Video Wall Rental Service in the United States and Canada. Conference managers and non- profit organizations depend on our on-time delivery and set up of custom video walls. Our extensive inventory includes latest 3 X 3 Video Walls, 5 X 5 Touch Screen Video Walls, LED displays, computers and  laptops. To take advantage of special pricing, call us at 866-840-1472 or simply fill in an online quote form. We guarantee the best value on for your next event rental along with 24/7 tech support. Rent a Video wall and conference computer rental by day anywhere in US and Canada and save a bundle.

TV Monitor Rental for Large Conferences

If you are serious about giving your conference the wow factor, a giant TV Monitor rental will ensure you get noticed. But, most importantly they also play a crucial role in educating visitors about your products, services and delivering your message. Traditionally, organizing a conference and working with graphics teams is notoriously expensive. Thankfully, it has never been easier to find a more cost-effective solution by renting LED Monitors and have access to almost any AV technology for just a few days.

How to Attract Trade Show Visitors

LED screen rental can provide a myriad of display and exhibition options. Banner stands, modular displays, and multimedia displays are just a few examples. With so many affordable options, the only constraints are your imagination. By renting conference display equipment, you can bring your vision to life. And help place your brand at the heart of any conference. Those who want to think bigger can also rent a video wall to deliver an audiovisual impact on the audience. Exhibition show floors are a battleground in a war for the attention of visitors. A traditional print-based trade show display cannot compete against LED Screens and video walls.

 Rent iPad Tablet for Conference lead generation

For 68% of B2B conference planners, lead generation and capture is the main reason why they plan conferences in the first place. The problem is they have to rely on user input for a lot of their information. Which means planners need event technology managers’ help to seamlessly incorporate manual entry without disrupting the attendees’ experience too much. Whether or not the event host has a branded app they’re using to collect data; event technology managers will need to rent the right tools to use the apps on. If your conference needs to survey guests with 5 questions or less, try using iPads, tablets, or laptops for lead capture.

Apple iPads are the ultimate productivity tool that businesses can use to increase efficiency at conferences. With the release of the latest iPad Pro and the iOS 10, you now have the ability to do more and take multi-tasking, creating presentations and film editing to a whole new level. Professionals working in the media event industry will gain an edge in analyzing data, creating content and staying on top of things. The Apple iPad can run the best office software such as Microsoft Word, Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. To test the latest software, rent an iPad for a day or a week for your next conference.

Also, we can accommodate large number ( 1000s ) Apple iPad rentals. Just call us and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding computer & iPad rental cost. To rent iPad Pro or 2019 iPad Air on daily basis, you can call us for an immediate response. Renting iPads and conference computer rental is as simple as 1,2,3 with our free quote form.

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